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Sungai Long Bricks Sdn Bhd

Quality & Characteristics


Compliance to Standards


Unbaked Clay Bricks


MS 76 : 1972
BS : 3921 : 1985

Approved by SIRIM (ref. PS032801), 
FRIM (ref. 96/06/602),
BOMBA (JPBM : PPP/0055/13/115),
IKRAM Institute Quality and Certification
(Ref No: A0754177001).
Suitable for all types of houses, factories 
and general civil works.

Bricks produced by Sungai Long Brickd Sdn. Bhd are of the highest quality complying to the Malaysian and British Standards. The bricks have been tested and approved by SIRIM, Jabatan Bomba Malaysia and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) for use in the construction and building industry and in compliance to the following standards;-

MS 76 : 1972 Specification for Bricks and Blocks of fired Brickearth Clay or Shale
BS 476 Part : 22 1987 Fire Resistance Test
Jabatan Bomba Approval Reference JBBM : PPP/ 0055 / 13 / 115
SIRIM Approval Reference CB980353
FIRIM Approval Reference 96 / 06 / 602


Mean Compressive Strength 13.6MN/M2
Mean Water Adsorption 12.0%
High Heat Resistance 1.76 x 10 cal/cmsec
Uniformity in Sizes 216mm x 44mm x 65mm
Efflorescence No salt deposit



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