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Sungai Long Bricks Sdn Bhd

Manufacturing Process

A Company of Unbaked Bricks
Sungai Long Bricks Sdn Bhd was incorporated in January 1995 as part of the expansion programme of Sungai Long Group of companies for the express purpose of producing unbaked bricks to cater for the rapid growth of the construction industry in the Klang Valley and surrounding developing areas.

Proud History
Unbaked bricks have been used in one of the " Seven Wonders of the World" - The Great Wall Of China and the ancient city of Xian in China more than 1400 years ago and have withstood the test of time. The input of recent high technology and additional research and development have been harnessed to improved upon the ancient manufacturing methodology.
Environmental-Friendly Industry
The manufacturing process used for unbaked bricks is called "compaction". We take pride in fact that it is a process that is environmental-friendly and pollution-free, thus enabling us to meet the demanding challenge of government and society for a pollution-free environment.

A Real-time & Proven Quality 
Testing in Our Factory

Manufacturing Process

Bricks Production in Progress


"Compaction" Process - Both environmentally - friendly and pollution-free.


Finished goods ready for delivery 


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